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With the recent implementation of the GDPR in Europe, and new privacy laws in California and Brazil, the buzz around a comprehensive federal privacy law in the U.S. has reached a fever pitch. The House, Senate, and Trump Administration are all currently looking at the issue, and interested parties on all sides have voiced their support for a federal law. But what exactly should this new law look like? That’s where opinions start to diverge. This panel will gather speakers from industry, government and the public interest space to discuss why the U.S. needs to pass a federal privacy law now. We will look at where there is consensus on how the U.S. should tackle federal privacy legislation, and perhaps more importantly, where there is disagreement.

Moderator:  Matthew Starr, Director, Public Advocacy, CompTIA


  • Chris Calabrese, Vice President for Policy, Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Eric Einhorn, Senior Counsel for Technology and Communications Policy, Office of United States Senator Brian Schatz
  • Travis Hall, Telecommunications Policy Specialist, (OPAD), (NTIA), U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Yael Weinman, Associate General Counsel, Privacy, Verizon